1st Bank offers help to furloughed federal employees: Interest-free paycheck loans provided to government workers


ROCK SPRINGS – Furloughed federal employees who live in the area can check into an interest-free payday loan through 1st Bank in Rock Springs.

1st Bank Branch President Mark Dale wrote that “Today, over 800,000 federal workers are without paychecks. Many of them live here. These are not faceless bureaucrats. Rather, they are our friends and neighbors and important contributors to our community. 1st Bank sees no benefit to pointing fingers or placing blame. We would rather do everything we can to help struggling local federal workers and their families who are without groceries or gas in their cars. 1st Bank will loan furloughed workers in the communities we serve their next paycheck, interest free. You pay us back when the government shutdown is resolved. Bring your last government pay stub and identification into your local 1st Bank office and we’ll get to work. Let others battle politics. We would rather take steps to care for our own.”