2016 Conservation Stamp, Elk Feedground Permit Expire Dec. 31


CHEYENNE – A new year is around the corner, and hunters who have 2016 big game licenses that extend into January are reminded to purchase a 2017 Conservation Stamp. Even though some licenses are valid through January 2017, conservation stamps expire annually on December 31. Hunters must have a 2017 Conservation Stamp to hunt in the remaining weeks of their season.

In addition, some areas with January seasons in the western part of the state are also areas where the Elk Feedground Special Management Permit is required. This permit also expires on Dec. 31, and a 2017 permit is required to hunt in January.

Both the Conservation Stamp and  Elk Feedground Special Management Permit are valid for the calendar year. Stamps and permits can be purchased at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Cheyenne headquarters, regional offices, and online.