SweetwaterNOW founder, Carlo Harryman, was recently named the Wyoming Main Street Entrepreneur of the Year for 2014!

SweetwaterNOW was founded in early 2013 by journalist/photographer, Carlo Harryman. After working in the traditional news field for many years he knew there had to be a better way to get the news out to the public – and a faster way. With the help of his friends and family he took the leap into entrepreneurship and created SweetwaterNOW. Within the first year it has become the most popular news source in Sweetwater County and gains new readers every day. With his model of getting accurate news to the public in real-time, while partnering with the community to provide the local and regional information they are looking for, Carlo and his staff have shown their readers where journalism is headed in the future – available right at their fingertips on their computers, tablets, or smartphones.


Carlo Harryman – Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Derek Rayback – Managing Editor/Journalist

Gary Delgado – Customer Relations & Sales Specialist



Our mission is to facilitate communications and commerce by producing high-quality, daily news content for the residents of Sweetwater County and by offering an affordable option for highly-relevant advertising and social media marketing in the community. SweetwaterNOW will strive to be the most relevant, compelling and accurate record of our community’s news and events.