Business Council Board Reviews Grant Applications; $1,925,500 Recommended for Kemmerer Water Infrastructure Project


CASPER — The Wyoming Business Council Board of Directors reviewed five Business Ready Community (BRC) grant requests totaling $8,256,801 at its board meeting today at Strausner Hall on the Casper College campus in Casper, Wyoming.

The board also elected 2015 officers, discussed proposed BRC rules changes, and received overviews from State of Wyoming Aeronautics Administrator Dennis Byrne and Petroleum Association of Wyoming President Bruce Hinchey.

Lynne Michelena was selected co-chairman of the board. She is president of First Interstate Bank in Buffalo. Gov. Matt Mead is also co-chairman.

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Mike Wandler, president and shareholder of L&H Industrial in Gillette, was elected vice chairman. Jim Espy, a ranching operation owner in Savery, was selected secretary treasurer.

Additionally, the board welcomed new members Ron Harvey of Worland and Allen Hoopes of Freedom.


The Business Council Board recommended the State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB) approve five applications totaling $8,256,801. Business Council staff review each application, conduct site visits or conference calls in the case of planning grants, and make presentations to a Business Council Board subcommittee before making final recommendations to the full Business Council Board.

The Business Council Board’s recommendations will be presented to the SLIB at its 8 a.m. meeting on April 9, 2015 in room B-63 of the Herschler Building in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

About the Program. The Business Council administers the Business Ready Community Grant and Loan Program, which provides financing for publicly owned infrastructure that serves the needs of businesses and promotes economic development within Wyoming communities. The Business Council Board is required by statute to forward BRC grant recommendations to the SLIB for final approval. The SLIB is comprised of the five statewide elected officials: governor, secretary of state, state treasurer, state auditor and state superintendent of public instruction.


BRC Community Readiness

  • Kemmerer requests a $1,925,500 Community Readiness grant to fund the development of water infrastructure integral to the continued economic and community development of the Kemmerer-Diamondville area.  (Recommended to the SLIB in full)
  • Natrona County requests a $2,578,000 Community Readiness grant to construct a 10,000 square-foot hangar and 2,000 square feet of office space at the Casper/Natrona County International Airport, which will be available to house aeronautical service providers or companies with corporate aircraft looking to establish or relocate operations. (Recommended to the SLIB in full)
  • Buffalo requests a $1,758,961 Community Readiness Downtown Development grant to improve and revitalize portions of Benteen Street, Fetterman Street, Lobban Avenue and the Clear Creek Trail.  (Recommended to the SLIB in full)


BRC Senior Care

  • Goshen Care Center JPB requests a $1 million Senior Care grant and an $894,340 loan to fund a 6,000 square-foot expansion of the Goshen Care Center. (Recommended to the SLIB in full)


BRC Planning Grant

  • Buffalo, Sheridan and Gillette request a $100,000 Planning grant to develop a unified regional marketing plan to support economic development between the three communities.(Recommended to the SLIB in full)


The next Business Council board meeting is scheduled for May 27-28 in Rawlins.

About the Wyoming Business Council. Our mission is to increase Wyoming’s prosperity. We envision a Wyoming where industries are strong, diverse and expanding. Small business is a big deal. Communities have the highest quality of life. Wyoming is the technology center of the High Plains. Wyoming knows no boundaries. Please go to for more information.