The Girl Who Loved Love

Lesson 1 of 4 in the Messy People Series It’s fun to watch babies learn to feed themselves.  Maybe it’s infant rice or mashed potatoes...

Holy Thursday Downtown Pilgrimage Set For March 29

ROCK SPRINGS -- Downtown Rock Springs will be turned into a religious pilgrimage site on Holy Thursday, March 29. Occasionally called Maundy Thursday in...

Why We Pray Together

Somewhere during the “Living to Honor God” and the “Growing by Helping others” processes, we really want to learn to pray. Often it seems...

#tribe #lovefierce

Lesson 3 of 3 in our "#tribe" Series @ As hard as we try, eventually is should become clear to us that it is...

#tribe #relationshipgoals

Lesson 2 of 3 in our "#tribe" Series @ In our first message of this series we discussed our need to mature as a...

#tribe #adulting

Lesson 1 of 3 in our "#tribe" Series @ Today is the first message in a series about becoming a person who has “people”....

An Ordinary Faith

We believe that Faith is the most powerful and practical component of every Ordinary life.  There are a few foundational questions we have in...

Dear God – Why Do I Feel So Alone?

Lesson 13 of 13 in our "Dear God" Series @ It’s a hollow emptiness, a feeling of isolation and disconnection. And we don’t even...

Dear God – How to Grow

Lesson 12 of 13 in our "Dear God" Series @ Do You Want to Grow in your faith? Growing in your faith should be...

Dear God – Who Am I?

Lesson 11 of 13 in our "Dear God" Series @ “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born...

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