CDC Receives Surprise Donation From Green River Tire


GREEN RIVER — A local Green River organization in need was a surprise recipient of a donation recently.

The Children’s Development Center, a not-for-profit children’s health and education organization has lost about 25% of their budget in the past couple years. The CDC’s budget comes partially from federal funds as well as the State of Wyoming. The amount they lost is roughly one million dollars, CDC Executive Director Lu Kasper said.

Lucky for them, a Green River business was looking for a local group to donate money to and wanted to be involved with Flaming Gorge Days. They heard the CDC needed help, and decided to step in.

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“I don’t have kids myself, but what they’re doing is a big deal to me,” Owner of GR Tire, Jace Tatum said.

GR Tire decided to use a “Dunk Tank” during Flaming Gorge Days as a medium of fund raising. It was $2 a throw, or $5 for six throws.

“It was a nice surprise for us, because we didn’t even know,” Kasper said.

CDC Executive Director Lu Kasper receives the donation check of $714.93 from Green River Tire owner Jace Tatum.


The CDC found out Green River Tire was fundraising for them with a dunk tank when they were tagged on Facebook, so some of the CDC members decided to come down to Evers Park and get dunked themselves.

The dunk tank was set up in Evers Park through out the festivities, and with it they raised $714.93.

“Once the people found out the money was going to the CDC, they kept coming back” Tatum said. “Green River Tire was just trying to do what little we could to try to help.”

“One of the things that hasn’t been updated in a long time is our technology,” Kasper said.

The money that was raised, Kasper said will go towards upgrading their computer software with about five chrome books.

A loss of about a million dollars can’t be made up by donations alone, Kasper said, but it helps them do things they would not be able to do otherwise.

“It’s been kind of a hard year, so that nice surprise was helpful, a lot more than you know,” Kasper said.

To learn more about Sweetwater County’s Children’s Develop Center, visit their website,

Visit Green River Tire’s Facebook page.