City Grants Permission to Bid the Sale of Community Center Building


ROCK SPRINGS– The Rock Springs City Council voted to approve the sale of the Rock Springs Community Center building, located at 538 Pilot Butte Ave. at Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

In early November, the Rock Springs Building Committee voted to demolish the building after it suffered water damage. However, the city will now try to sell the building, as the council unanimously approved the request from the Mayor’s Office to put it up for bid.

Moving Forward

The request was brought to the council without any documentation, which Councilman Tim Savage questioned. Councilman Savage asked why there wasn’t any documentation, and whether the city could even proceed without it.

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The City Attorney Richard Beckwith explained that documentation is not required at the time of the initial request. However, moving forward, all of the documentation and details will be required before sale can occur.

The city will have to publish that it is accepting bids for three consecutive weeks. Then the city will announce the bids at a public hearing. The public hearing will take place at a city council meeting.

After the public hearing, the council will then vote to determine whether they accept a bid or not.

The Water Damage

The building suffered from a broken service line in late September, which resulted in three to four inches of water in the building’s basement.

The organizations that were leasing space in the building, including the Sweetwater Family Resource Center, the Young at Heart Center, and Experience Works, have been operating at different locations since the flooding and water damage occurred.