Ensure Your Child’s Future with a Developmental Screening


Cody J. Pierpoint State Farm and the Sweetwater County Child Development Center want to ensure your child is developing properly and has the brightest future possible. To do this, they encourage you to sign your child up for a FREE developmental screening.

The next screenings will be May 12 & May 25 in Rock Springs and May 5 & May 24 in Green River.

To schedule a screening appointment for your child, call 307-352-6871 (RS) or 307-872-3290 (GR).


Why Should I Get My Child Screened?

Ninety percent of a child’s brain develops early in life. Studies show this is your window of opportunity to make all the difference in your child’s life.

Ideally, your child needs at least one developmental screening before age two. One before age five is essential.

The Sweetwater County Child Developmental Center offers FREE screenings for newborns to age five. They are quick, painless check-ups to ensure your child is on track. Most children are. But if your child isn’t, your local development center will help create a plan to get your child where he/she needs to be.

Many parents wait until their children enter school to have them screened. That may be too late. By then, a lot of learning may have already been missed.



What Can I Expect When My Child Is Screened?

Our staff meets Department of Education certification standards. Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists are licensed. School districts require professionals just like ours to work with children after they enter kindergarten. Our intent is to prepare children for kindergarten using the best staff and educational tools. Some no longer need services by then, others need less help.




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