Family Seeking Lost Dog Finds Closure After Reader Tip


NORTH  ROCK SPRINGS — Snickers, a Shih Tzu who ran away from her home on Douglas Drive north of Rock Springs was reunited with her family after a reader tip led to her body being found on 191 North.

According to the Camacho family, Snickers was locked in her fenced and gated backyard when she escaped. They believe fireworks being set off in the immediate area scared their dog so much she squeezed herself through a very small opening in the fence line and ran in terror.

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Snickers suffered from a condition that caused her pupils to stay dilated, she couldn’t see during the daylight but did well at night.

Despite this, she managed to travel approximately six miles away from her home, on her three-inch long legs.

Cindy Camacho said her family found some comfort and a sense of closure with the recovery of Snicker’s body.

She added that fireworks fired outside of the holidays or events when they are expected pose a real risk for pets since their owners cannot preemptively take extra precautions to make sure their animals are secured inside a building.

She added that she can only hope this incident leads to further awareness of the issue among people who use fireworks outside of the normally expected dates.