Who Gets Help From Southwest Counseling?


Who are the people getting help at Southwest Counseling?

You may not realize that mental health and substance abuse treatment helps people right in your hometown.

You may not realize what mental health and substance abuse looks like.

It’s a Single Mom with a Drug Addiction

How do you get the treatment you need when you have a child to provide for?

Southwest Counseling has a residential treatment program where you can keep your children with you. Addiction is treatable and Southwest Counseling is here to help you.


It’s a Working Man with Depression

Depression is the most common mental illness and it’s got very real consequences. Perhaps your body physically aches and you have difficulty crawling out of bed in the morning. You feel it in your bones. You feel hopeless and there is no pleasure in anything. Love or excitement are feelings from long ago.

Depression is treatable. You don’t have to go through life without pleasure. Southwest Counseling is here to help you.


It’s a Teenager Experiencing a Mental Illness the First Time

Most people have their first experience with mental illness in their teens or as a young adult. It’s scary for the young person and their family when chemicals in their brain go out of balance. They may lose touch with reality and begin to believe someone is out to get them. They may see phantoms and never feel safe.

A loss of touch with reality, or psychosis, is best treated as early as possible. Don’t just ignore it. There are treatment options for the young person and support for the family. Southwest Counseling is here to help you.


Help Available Near You

Rock Springs – College Hill
1124 College Dr.


Rock Springs – Foothill
2300 Foothill Blvd.


Green River
115 East Flaming Gorge Way


120 S. Cole Ave.


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