Interim CEO Irene Richardson Reaffirms Memorial Hospital Dedication to Patient Care Amid Changes


ROCK SPRINGS — It’s no secret that Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County has undergone significant changes in the past few months.

Some changes have been great, and some have been challenging, but through it all, there is one thing that has remained constant, and that is patient care.

“We can’t control what happens outside of the hospital walls, but we can control what happens within the hospital walls, patient care, and that’s our number one focus.”

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– Irene Richardson, Interim CEO to the staff of MHSC.

Recently, three providers have received the FIVE STAR Excellence Award from PRC, a patient experience survey firm, for their overall quality of care; those providers being Dr. Jeff Wheeler of Women’s Health, Dr. Jacob Johnson of Occupational and Family Medicine, and Amy Dolce, PA-C of Family Medicine.

This is the first time Memorial Hospital physicians have been recognized by the firm.

Focusing on patient care, the Memorial Hospital staff has been working hard on multiple initiatives to improve patient care. One initiative that has rolled out is the “Speak UP!” campaign encouraging patients to ask questions and ensure that they fully understand their treatment plans and discharge instructions to stay healthy.

Another initiative that is currently in the works is the Patient and Family Advisor Program consisting of both Memorial Hospital staff as well as community members who have previously visited the hospital seeking medical assistance. The goal of the program is to address areas of improvement from the patient’s point of view and to collaborate with staff to develop and implement improvement plans.

In addition to implementing programs, the hospital has also been working diligently to get the College Hill building open for the Family Medicine and Occupational Medicine Offices. The goal of moving the Family Med and Occ. Med Departments to the new office is to provide an adequate space to properly handle the patient volume and be more efficient and flexible in scheduling both patient visits as well as supporting diagnostic needs like lab work.

“When someone is sick and needs to see their primary care physician, they want to get in as soon as possible. With this new space, we will be able to see more patients sooner as we’ll have more examination rooms and a better layout to increase our workflow,” Maddie Smith, the Memorial Hospital’s Clinic Project Manager.

“Changes are inevitable and will always be happening. But, the staff at Memorial Hospital want the community to know they are here to support your healthcare needs and with all of the changes that have been made and the changes that are yet to happen, one thing will remain the same, and that is the dedication to patient care.”