Michael Shiffermiller (February 7, 1955 – March 23, 2017)


I refuse to write your typical generic obituary for my dad, I refuse because he deserves so much more than the ordinary ‘He died on this day’ ‘He loved this and that’ so on and so forth.

Michael Lee Shiffermiller was an amazing husband, a great dad to his only son Michael, and a devoted and loving grandpa to his five grand babies.

I will not leave it in the dark nor simply push aside the reason behind his death because people need to know.

Michael was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of six and for 56 years he fought this disease, he refused to allow his diabetes to hold him back. He lived life to the fullest and did as much as he possibly could.

Michael was a brilliant man he was always so eager to broaden his knowledge be it through watching the Fox 13 news, reading educational books and National Geos, and through the best of ways by throwing himself into the learning situation to get that hands on experience.

He was the backbone to our family, our rock. On March 23rd 2017 the battle finally came to its end.

In the end the cause of death was diabetes laced with a rare fatal dementia.

By his side the morning he passed was his wife Robin Shiffermiller and son Michael Shiffermiller Jr. He went peacefully in his sleep.

Some of his favorite activities included: He enjoyed teaching Kenpo karate to his grandkids along with teaching he also loved learning so much so that he became a 3rd degree black belt. He was a writing enthusiast, he loved camping, fishing, and flying his trick kites.

He married the love of his life on February 16th 1975 Robin Shiffermiller and in April of 90 they became proud parents to their one and only son Michael Paul Shiffermiller.

In 2003 their family grew a little more when they welcomed their first grandson Sean.

Our family continued to grow and by March 19th 2011 Michael was the proud grandpa to five little boys, Sean, Landon, Adalai, Degan, and little Mikey Shiffermiller.

He adored each and every one of his grandsons and would spend as much time with them as possible.

He was a kind and generous man and would literally give you the shirt off his back if needed.

Though he is gone in body he is still with us in spirit and since his passing he now watches over all of his loved ones that were left behind. Robin Shiffermiller his wife, Michael Shiffermiller his son, Emilie Shiffermiller his daughter in law, his five grandsons Sean, Landon, Adalai, Degan, and Mikey Shiffermiller, Carol Alfter his mother, John Alfter his step-father, Laura and Denis McAnich his sister and brother in law. He is not alone up above, with him by his side is his dad Jim Shiffermiller.

There is so much more to be said about Michael Lee Shiffermiller but for now this small look into his life is enough for the public.

The world lost an amazing man but the world’s loss is now heaven’s gain. We love you so much dad, we’ll all meet again someday but until then it’s an absolute privilege to have you as our guardian angel watching from above.

– Michael Shiffermiller Jr