Paul Ng Begins Final Photography Class Before Retirement


ROCK SPRINGS — Paul Ng, a photographer and photography professor at Western Wyoming Community College, is teaching his last full semester photography class before he plans to retire.

Ng has been teaching photography at Western Wyoming Community College since 2002. Over the last 15 years, Paul taught numerous classes in Photo I, Photo II, Color Photography, and various workshops with field trips. All of his credited classes are film-based.

Specializing in large-format black and white photography, Ng not only makes the images with film but also processes the film and prints in a traditional darkroom. Ng has also taught and processed color film, slide film, and color prints in the same dark room environment.

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His favorite medium in color photography is making CIBACHROME (later called Ilfochrome) prints directly from color transparencies (also known as slides). A major body of his black and images have been published in his recent book “Twenty-five Years’ Exploration in Wyoming’s Red Desert.”


Ng actually began as a photography student at Western in the summer of 1987. For the next two decades or so, he studied black and white extensively under famed photographer/printer John Sexton of Carmel Valley, California. Sexton was a student of the great black-and-white master Ansel Adams. Sexton later taught at Adams’ Yosemite Photography Workshops. Early in the 1980s, Sexton became Adams’ full-time assistant and later on as a consultant until Adams death in 1984.

He also obtained knowledge from another Adams’ follower, the late Ray McSaveney. In recent years, Paul has explored and made photographs in southern Utah and northern Arizona, sometimes with photographer James Kay of Salt Lake City and his workshop groups.

Ng plans to spend more time with his family and concentrate on his own photography projects after he retires from teaching, but he would like to continue to lead workshops such as the ones sponsored by Sweetwater BOCES.

The last of Ng’s credited courses, the three-credit Photo I class will commence on Thursday, January 19, which means there is still time for those who are interested in to sign up. Classes are held on both Tuesday and Thursday evenings.