Quit Tobacco Program Can Help Smokers Make Their Fresh Start


WYOMING — The Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) wants smokers around the state to know the Wyoming Quit Tobacco Program (WQTP) can help them make a fresh start if they want to quit tobacco use.

“Studies often show nearly all smokers realize they should quit and most want to do so,” said Vitaliy Kroychik, tobacco prevention specialist with WDH. “In Wyoming, we want people to know we offer some great tools and support to help them quit successfully.”

A free three-month prescription to Chantix, a prescription medication used to help people quit smoking, is among choices offered to Wyoming residents who enroll with the WQTP. Other options include free nicotine replacement gum, patches or lozenges.

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Interested residents may call 1-800-QUIT-NOW or visit www.quitwyo.org online. In addition to free nicotine replacement therapy and Chantix, free phone or online support is available.

“It’s been shown people who are trying to quit smoking have a higher chance for success if they have a plan including tools such as medication or nicotine replacement gum or patches, combined with coaching or similar support,” Kroychik said.

Kroychik outlined the easy steps to receive the medication:

1. Enroll today. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW or visit www.quitwyo.org online to enroll. You’ll be connected with a trained quit coach. Let your coach know you would like to receive free Chantix (varenicline) as a part of your custom quit plan.
2. Place the order. The quit program will place an order for Chantix for eligible members with Ridgeway Pharmacy.
3. Talk to your doctor. Request a Chantix prescription from your primary care physician. They should fax the prescription to Ridgeway Pharmacy (402-642-6050).
4. Receive your Chantix. Call Ridgeway Pharmacy at 406-642-6040, provide your address, and the prescription will be delivered directly to your home.

“We want people to know there are options and we can help them find the plan that works best for them,” Kroychik said. “With this program our aim is to help ensure cost is not a barrier to someone who wants to quit and could use some help.”

Kroychik noted the free Chantix prescriptions will remain available for at least the next few month and after that as funding allows.