Switch Trash Collection Providers to Receive Excellent Service


It’s time to switch and save on trash collection with Peak Disposal!

A new trash collection billing cycle is fast approaching so switch now before you are locked in for another quarter with your current provider. We are locally owned and operated and offer competitive pricing.

Call 307-212-6665 to switch trash collection providers today.

Switching to Peak Disposal comes with extra service, not extra fees.

  • If you forget to roll out your can, we will go get it
  • If you have an extra item, we will take it
  • If you have a special need, we will work with you
  • No extra fees of any kind for any reason

Your money can buy a fat cat CEO a second Porsche or you can switch to Peak Disposal and help a small Wyoming business grow.


How to Switch to Peak Disposal

Switching is easy! Give us a call today at 307-212-6665. We will have you set up with great service right away.


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Peak Disposal


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