WWCC Seeking Feedback On Accreditation Report


ROCK SPRINGS – Western Wyoming Community College has finished the drafting stage of its accreditation report and is requesting public feedback on the document. Please visit the College’s website to review the document, and send your comments to Dianna Renz, Director of Planning and Improvement, at drenz@westernwyoming.edu, prior to May 8.

The Systems Portfolio is a required component of the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) Pathway to accreditation. This is the primary document by which institutions demonstrate they are meeting the Criteria for Accreditation of the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of colleges and universities.

The Systems Portfolio is structured around the six AQIP Pathway Categories:

  • Category One: Helping Students Learn
  • Category Two: Meeting Student and Other Key Stakeholder Needs
  • Category Three: Valuing Employees
  • Category Four: Planning and Leading
  • Category Five: Knowledge Management and Resource Stewardship
  • Category Six: Continuous Quality Improvement
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Each category response must address specific questions regarding processes, results, and improvements for each of its systems. The finished Systems Portfolio contains an institutional overview and category responses. Each category response should include a category introduction, along with the responses to each of the Process (P), Results (R) and Improvement (I) items with embedded evidence that the institution meets the Criteria for Accreditation.

The Systems Portfolio serves a number of purposes. It is:

  • A means by which the institution will receive feedback on organizational strengths and opportunities from a team of quality improvement experts and educators.
  • A common reference point that lets everyone in the institution share an understanding of how the institution is organized, what its key processes entail, what kind of performance those processes produce and how the institution subsequently improves.
  • An opportunity for self-reflection on institutional key processes, results and continuous improvement activities.
  • A planning tool that helps the institution shape its future agenda and concentrate attention on those areas that should be the focus for improvement.
  • A documentation of evidence, over time, that the AQIP Pathway is working to the institution’s advantage and that continued participation in the Pathway makes sense.
  • A public information and relations tool that allows an institution’s stakeholders to understand clearly and persuasively what the institution is accomplishing with its resources.

Western composed the Systems Portfolio with initial input from employees. The institution is eager to receive feedback from the community at large prior to submitting the document to the Higher Learning Commission on June 1, 2017.