WyoData Is Here to Keep You Secure


No need to worry about your business’ or personal confidential information now, WyoData Security can securely destroy what you can’t!

Locally-owned document and hard drive shredding company WyoData Security is open and ready for business.

They are a secure, on-site shredding company that prides themselves on giving back to the community. WyoData recently presented a $300 donation to the Rock Springs Main Street/URA.

Recycling proceeds from all shredded materials go back to community groups, i.e. Boys and Girls Club, URA.

Picture, left to right, are Blaine Tate and Bill Current, owners of WyoData, Maria Mortensen, Glennise Wendorf (grandson Kaden) and Gloria Hutton, Board of Directors for the Rock Springs Main Street/URA.


WyoData Security ~ Local, Secure & Part of Our Community


How WyoData Works:

    • We provide on-site shredding and collection services for business and personal needs. We understand the growing need for information security and the peace of mind knowing that your information can not be used by others, therefore, no job is too big or small! From a single box or computer to a filled warehouse, we have you covered. Have your files boxed, bagged or basically and ready for destruction upon arrival. WyoData Security also provides various sized secure locked bins for your location to ensure security, chain of custody and facilitate the process.


    • Our technician will then take your documents to the mobile shred truck and shreds your documents as you watch the whole process take place. WyoData Security also destroys hard drives and removes any electronic waste you may need removed!


    • You will receive a Certification of Destruction for your files to assist with FACTA, HIPPA, GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley, FERPA, and other federal and state compliance requirements. This documentation is critical and important to ensure a secure chain of custody for any required federal or state requirements and/or insurance documentation, legal action, audits or just personal peace of mind.


  • 100% of all shredded and collected material is then recycled. You electronic waste is also recycled!

Know Your Information Is Secure

    • WyoData Security is adamant that your data remains confidential throughout the entire collection and destruction process. We are proud members of NAID (National Association of Information Destruction) and strictly follow their requirements to ensure you receive the most secure and professional services available in the state or region. We can also help you establish employee policies and retention schedules for your business records to aide, assist and improve your record retention and destruction program(s).


    • We can schedule services weekly, biweekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. We consult with you to set up a personal schedule for your convenience. Because we are local, have no fear if your volume changes. You have the right and flexibility to alter your schedule for more or less frequent service visits.


    • We also make sure that your data is secure leading up to the day it is shredded. The various sized bins we can provide (at no additional cost) have lids and locks. This will prevent visitors, unauthorized employees, and vendors from accessing your information. This ensures that your data remains secure and maintains a chain of custody that provides a high comfort level and peace of mind for your clients, employees and any regulatory agencies.


    • As always, WyoData Security assures you are compliant with all current laws in place. Our business practices and membership with NAID ensures that our staff stays current and educated with all federal and state destruction and retention laws. We provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for every shred or collection event (paper, hard drives, electronic waste, scrap machines, etc.) that ensures your information is destroyed. This also provides documented proof for your records.


WyoData Security is proud to be a Wyoming owned and operated business that serves Wyoming customers with personal, confidential and quality services. We are available to meet any of your needs from a one time purge to daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly services. We will gladely accomadate your personal schedule


You can make your company greener by shredding. WyoData recycles 100% of all the paper, plastics and metal that we shred. You can feel good knowing that your company has saved trees, water, electricity, and oil by allowing us to dispose of your documents and protect your privacy. WyoData Security is an eco-friendly company. Being a green company is important to us because we know it’s important to you. Your information is disposed of securely, and brought back to the market as recycled products, helping conserve our natural environment. Please remember that all of the recycling proceeds are donated back to important local organizations!


Connect with WyoData Security!

Address: 100 W. Blair Ave.
Phone: (307) 371-8338
Online: www.wyodatasecurity.com



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