Marsha Tynsky of Trona Valley Federal Credit Union Says Thank You for 39 Years

Marsha Tynsky

Thank You and Goodbye

It is with a heavy heart and excitement for the unknown that lies ahead that I am formally letting our membership know of my retirement from Trona Valley Federal Credit Union, effective January 31, 2016. After 39 years of service to this great credit union, it is time to move into a new phase of my life.

When I began as the CEO of Trona Valley (formerly known as Stauffer Big Island Federal Credit Union), we were located in a small basement office at Stauffer Chemical and had less than $1 million in assets with about 500 members. Thanks to you, Trona Valley is now located in all of Southwest Wyoming, has $170 million in assets, and has over 18,000 members.

It has been my pleasure to work for you and serve you as our members. I have made many lasting friendships and I am honored by the faith and trust that you have placed in me. I am heart-warmed by the mutual respect that we have developed, which survived both prosperous and challenging times. I can also say with utmost confidence that the Board of Directors has placed Trona Valley in great hands by appointing Jeremy Gibson as my successor as CEO.

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I wish nothing but the best for Trona Valley members. Thank you for your unwavering support.

Marsha Tynsky