Ongoing Investigation Looks Into Potential Poaching of Deer

Ongoing Investigation Looks Into Potential Poaching of Deer

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BIG PINEY — According to Pinedale Game Warden Adam Hymas, an investigation is ongoing into the potential poaching of a large non-typical mule deer. Hymas said that he couldn’t comment on the ongoing investigation beyond confirming that it was taking place.

SweetwaterNOW has learned the investigation began after sportsmen reported that they had concerns about the animal, including whether it was taken in the proper season.  Due to the nature of the buck being a trophy game animal, many outdoorsman had photos and were keeping an eye on him. The buck was also displayed at the Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City recently. The placard featured with the animal listed it as being taken by Nate Strong of Wyoming.

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Photos that could show the animal alive after the hunting season closed are also raising questions.

Because of the ongoing nature of the investigation Hymas was unable to comment further than saying this particular deer was unusual.

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Photo Credit: David Brown