Power Pole Snaps on 5th Street; Emergency Crews Respond

Power Pole Snaps on 5th Street; Emergency Crews Respond

The top of this pole snapped off according to the RSFD.

ROCK SPRINGS — Emergency crews responded to 5th Street on the report of a downed wire early this afternoon.

Rock Springs Fire Chief Jim Wamsley said that the top two feet of the pole snapped off for unknown reasons. When it flipped the wires caught the transformer and made a loud noise.

Wamsley said that Department policy is to treat any downed wire as a potential hazard. Wamsley said that the firefighters and police officers who are responding to a downed line secure the scene and wait for the power company to dispatch a repair crew.

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Rocky Mountain Power crews made repairs on the pole, and the scene was cleared in about one-and-a-half-hours.

Safety reminder

Wamsley said that the public should contact emergency services and avoid approaching downed lines under any circumstances, “Even if it looks like a cable tv wire we treat any wire on a pole as if it is a power line.”