UW Geologist to Present on Oil & Gas Reservoir Tool, WyRIT


ROCK SPRINGS, WY — The Rock Springs Rotary Club has invited Nick Evans to present at their July 11 meeting. The public is welcome and invited. It’s free with no RSVP necessary.

Nick Evans is a registered Geologist with two bachelor’s degrees as well as a master’s degree in geology from UW.  He works for the Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute at the University of Wyoming’s School of Energy Resources.

Nick will be discussing an important tool not only for oil and gas companies, but also for interested landowners, public officials, and economic development staff.  The Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (EORI) has developed and released an online map and query based web application focused on oil and gas reservoirs for Wyoming.

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The mission of EORI is to facilitate a meaningful and measurable increase in recoverable reserves and production of oil and natural gas in Wyoming that may otherwise not be realized. Key to this is the effective and efficient transfer of relevant technology, information and knowledge to Wyoming producers. EORI believes that its mission is being met when producers consider EORI as a vital source of relevant technology, information, expertise and knowledge for Wyoming fields.

The web application, titled the “Wyoming Reservoir Information Tool” (WyRIT), is a publicly available information-resource that is designed to expedite and optimize access to oil and gas reservoir data. This presentation will demonstrate the functionality and application of WyRIT.

WyRIT is the result of collaborative efforts between the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Wyoming Pipeline Authority, The Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute, and the Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center. The goal of this project is to integrate relevant oil and gas information from multiple providers into an interactive map based information tool.

This Rotary Club sponsored presentation will take place at Western Wyoming Community College, Room 1003, on July 11 at 12:15 p.m.  Light refreshments will be provided.

Rotary President Tim Savage encourages everyone who has an interest in oil and gas to attend this informative presentation. “Bring paper, a pencil, your questions, concerns and feedback to share with Nick and the EORI group back in Laramie.  This is a wonderful opportunity to identify some of the challenges, limitations as well as paths forward for the energy industry here in Sweetwater County,” Savage explains. It is free and the public is welcome – no RSVP is necessary.