2018 Halloween Events – Sweetwater County

2018 Halloween Events – Sweetwater County


Fall is in the air and it’s time for some family fun!

Here’s a list of upcoming events for fun at-a-glance. Check back regularly as we update the list, and let us know if you don’t see your event by emailing us here!

*Some events may charge admission, please contact the hosting party directly with questions.

(If you know of an event you’d like for us to consider adding, please email lindsay@sweetwaternow.com)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_text_separator title=”? October 5″][vc_column_text]

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What: Harry Potter Trivia
Where: Green River Library
Time: 7PM

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What: Harry Potter Party
Where: Green River Library
Time: 12AM-2PM

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What: Green River URA’s Trunk or Treat
Where: Flaming Gorge Way
Time: 11AM-1PM

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What: Halloween Story Time
Where: Sweetwater County Libraries
Time: 6PM

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What: Halloween Bad Art Night
Where: Rock Springs Library
Time: 6:30PM

What: Halloween Family Story Time
Where: Rock Springs Library
Time: 6:30PM

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What: Halloween Ball
Where: Young at Heart Community Center
Time: 6PM-9PM

What: Costume Skate Night
Where: Green River Recreation Center
Time: 7PM-8:45PM

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What: Halloween Stroll
Where: Downtown Rock Springs
Time: 11AM – 2PM

What: Halloween Stroll
Where: Schlumberger
Time: 2PM – 4PM

What: Trick or Treat / Haunted House
Where: Deer Trail Assisted Living Center
Time: 5PM – 7PM


What: Ghost Walk
Where: Sweetwater County Library
Time: 8PM & 10PM


What: Halloween Costume Party
Where:American Legion Tom Whitmore Post 28,
Green River Wyoming
Time: 8PM & 12:30PM

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What: WWCC Halloween Concert
Where: Western Theater
Time: 7:30PM

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What: Trunk or Treat
Where: Whisler Chevrolet & Cadillac
Time: 3PM – 5PM

What: Halloween Goodies!
Where: Aspen Mtn. Medical Center
Time: 3:30pm – 5pm

What: Halloween Extravaganza
Where: Sweetwater Memorial Hospital
Time: 5PM – 7PM

What: Trick or Treat
Where: White Mountain Mall
Time: 5PM – 7PM

What: Trick or Treat
Where: White Mountain Library
Time: 3PM – 7PM

What: Trick or Treat
Where: Commerce Centre
Time: 3:30PM – 5PM