5 Things I’ve Learned as a Wyoming Transplant

5 Things I’ve Learned as a Wyoming Transplant

When I was little I would visit my grandparents every summer in Rock Springs. For many years I enjoyed summers running around outside, playing at the “rope swing” park and riding bikes up and down hills. (Truthfully, I had to walk my bike up the hills.)

I got older and eventually started staying at home in Oklahoma City each year instead of visiting my grandparents. I thought of Wyoming as a nice place to spend a lazy summer, but other than that I had never once considered that I might make my life, family and home here.

Years passed and my dad started working in Rock Springs during my Junior year of college. I came to visit parents in October that year and for one reason or another I’ve fully invested in life here ever since.

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It’s been quite an adjustment and each time I visit Oklahoma City the differences become more defined. Speed limits are slower, life is a little calmer. I can’t say that I’ll never leave. I can’t say I won’t entertain the idea of living other places. But I can say that for the time being I truly prefer it here and have loved the process of adopting Wyoming as my new home.

Below are 5 things that I’ve learned since becoming a Wyoming-ite.

Learn to Love Travel

Wyoming drastically changed my idea of what constitutes a long drive. 5 hours to Denver? Not a problem. 3 hours to Salt Lake City? Ya ready to go?! No one seems to mind drive time and it’s one of my favorite things about this place. Olive Garden isn’t too far, and home isn’t too far. I can get my city fix and retreat back to the comfort of my home with a beautiful little drive in between.

Invest in Winter Gear & 4-Wheel Drive

This hardly needs an explanation. I’m from Oklahoma. It’s hot and humid and and I can build a mean Tornado-Survival Kit, but it rarely snows. More than anything it ices and when it does, the day is cancelled. I will now never drive a vehicle without 4-wheel drive after August 20th and I have digressed to favor the warmest winter wardrobe instead of what’s aesthetically pleasing. –Frostbite is not cute. Am’rite?

Don’t Love Your Windshield

You can like it, but don’t love it. It will likely never stay in one flawless piece for long, especially during I-80 construction season. It’s better to like it and skip the heartache of lost love.

Your Neighbor is Your Friend

I’ve witnessed so much kindness and community since moving here. At SweetwaterNOW we have the opportunity to highlight charitable organizations, good deeds and bake sales alike. I am constantly impressed with how this community uplifts one another.

Go Pokes!

Yeah, I said it.

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