4 Tips for Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions

4 Tipes for Achieving New Year's Resolutions

With a new year approaching, we will be writing another chapter of our lives. Many of us will be setting New Year’s Resolutions. However, how many of us will make it much further than setting those goals? Here are four ideas to help you achieve your New Year’s Resolutions this year.


Create Monthly Goals

Nancy Anderson in her recent article published on Forbes.com suggested that individuals try setting “New Month’s Resolutions.” Goals that are monthly or even broken down into monthly segments will increase the likelihood of an individual achieving his/her goals. Try setting several smaller goals this year or larger goals broken down into several smaller goals for better results. By breaking larger goals down into smaller ones throughout the year, you will be reaching goals all throughout the year rather than working all year to reach one goal.

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Set Specific Goals

A recent article published on Time.com emphasized the fact that an individual needs to be specific about his/her goals if he/she plans to achieve them.

For example. If your goal is to lose weight this next year, it will be more likely to happen if you are very specific about how you plan to achieve that goal.

Ideas to consider:

  • If your goal is to lose 20 pounds this next year, planning to lose 1.6 pounds a month for the whole year seems much more attainable than a constant 20 pounds hanging over your head.
  • What days and what times will you attend the gym/exercise?
  • What is a food that you are willing to give up rather than giving up many and what will you replace it with?
  • If you need a little extra motivation, who could you enlist to participate in your goal with you?

When a person is specific with his/her goals, the reality of him/her achieving those goals is much more likely than if he/she has a vague goal.


Enlist the Help of an App

Now days, there are apps that can help you to accomplish just about anything. Whether it is saving money for a trip you always wanted to take, spending more time on a hobby, losing weight, exercising more, or many other things, it is likely there are a few apps available to help you achieve your goals. Apps can help you track your progress, encourage you to continue on, and remind you of what you should be doing.

Enlist the help of an app this year and see results.


Work On a Couple of Changes at a Time

There are studies that suggest that individuals have a limitted amount of will power. Many of  us do not realise that many resolutions actually require many behavior changes. Because of this, working on several challenging goals at once can be draining on our will power. This year, try working on your challenging goals/changes at different times of the year rather than trying to tackle them all at once.

To accomplish more, mix in some smaller goals/changes requiring less effort with your larger goals/changes that will require more effort.