Don’t Let Your Pipes Freeze Green River

Don’t Let Your Pipes Freeze Green River

GREEN RIVER – The City of Green River released the frost depths to help residents avoid water lines from freezing.

As the frost level drops, the Utility Division begins to monitor the frost levels throughout the city. If you have a shallow water line, keep a small stream of water running to protect your line from freezing. Please watch the frost depths in your area. Frost levels less than 36 inches are considered a safe level throughout the City.

For a street by street listing follow this link on the Green River city website.

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Intersection and Depth in Inches
Astle and Hoover 16”
Andrews and Barnhart 26”
Clark and Andrews 21”
Clark and Barnhart 22”
Jefferson and McKinley 11”

South 6th West and Blake 20”
Sunset and Trona 22”
West 3rd North and Hillcrest 21”
East Flaming Gorge and North 3rd East 21”
East 3rd South and South 2nd East 20”

Cedar and Riverview 16”
Ironwood and Pecan 18”
Easy and Knotty Pine 18”
Hutton and Lombard 20”
Evans and Hillside 18”

Indian Hills and Uinta 22”
Apache and Trail 20”
Crossbow and Mountain View 16”
Parkview and Vista 16”
Medicine Bow and Centennial 20”
Iowa and West Virginia 16”

New Hampshire and Massachusetts 18”
New Jersey and North Carolina 16”
Montana and Wyoming 20”
Colorado and Nebraska – East end 18”
Nebraska and Colorado – West end 21”
1500 block of Colorado 20”
2400 Block of Hitching Post 17”
Missouri and Pennsylvania 16”
Hitching Post and Michigan 17”
Hawaii and Pennsylvania 19”
South Dakota and Bridger 14”
Green River Way and Moran 19”