We are SweetwaterNOW.

Founded in 2013, SweetwaterNOW has become Southwest Wyoming’s most-read news source and website.

As the #1 media site in Southwest Wyoming, we focus on professional reporting and coverage of community events and regional news. We take pride in being locally-owned in a day when most newspapers are being bought out by the largest publishing companies in the world.


Our mission is to produce high-quality, daily news content for our readers. Our aim is to focus locally and regionally on the topics you care about. We also feature local people and businesses that are in your community.

We share all of our content on either this website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and our Daily Newsletter (more subscribers than all local newspapers combined).

We know you get your global news from somewhere else. You can read AP news and national headlines from any mass media site. But when it comes to your neighborhood, you want the most relevant, compelling and accurate record of our local community’s news and events.

We believe in the power of community and encourage you to share your news & tips.


Because of our focus on content specifically relevant to the Sweetwater County area, our readers are more local than any other news organization in the region. Our daily visitors are educated and engaged in the local community.

Here at SweetwaterNOW, we have creative marking and content professionals to help local businesses get in front of the largest #LOCAL audience and help them tell their story to the community.

Plus, we are constantly developing new tools to help connect our community – check out our Jobs Board, where you can post your open positions in front of the largest audience in Southwest Wyoming.


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We are a team of diligent writers, creative thinkers, marketing gurus, skilled designers, customer service experts, and digital creators. We use what we know and learn to create meaningful digital content for our audience, and advertising that connects with our community (that’s you.)

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Gary Collins
COO/Marketing & Sales Gary Collins
147 K Street, Rock Springs, WY307-922-0700 ext 703gary@sweetwaternow.com
Dave Arambel
Account Manager & Wildcard Dave Arambel
147 K Street, Rock Springs, WY307-922-0700 ext. 704dave@sweetwaternow.com
Stephanie Thompson
Community News Director Stephanie Thompson
Lindsay Malicoate
Marketing/Social Media Lindsay Malicoate
147 K Street, Rock Springs, WY307-922-0700 ext. 706lindsay@sweetwaternow.com
Olivia Kennah
Community News Reporter Olivia Kennah
147 K Street, Rock Springs, WY307-922-0700 ext. 708olivia@sweetwaternow.com
Kaylee Hughes
Marketing/Communications Kaylee Hughes
147 K Street, Rock Springs, WY307-922-0700 ext. 705kaylee@sweetwaternow.com
Brayden Flack
Sports & Community Reporter Brayden Flack

What We Do

-Supply real-time, high-quality news
-Dominate local advertising
-Eat all the food
-Create inspiring content
-Value relationships
-Write a daily newsletter with more subscribers than both local newspapers

What We Don’t Do

-Sacrifice quality for anything
-Resist food
-Impossible deadlines
-Cut in line
– Bad Graphic Design