Additional weight added to base of Budge Slide

Additional weight added to base of Budge Slide
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JACKSON — Budge Drive landslide movement slows and additional weight added to the toe of the slide.

The geology and engineering team reported slower movement at the base or toe of the slide from 1.5 feet per day back down to approximately 3 inches per day. The measurement point behind the Sidewinder’s parking deck shows 4 inches of movement in the past 3 days.

Crews focused on adding weight to the toe of the slide today by adding concrete ‘lego’ blocks and fill material west of Budge Drive. It is hoped that this work will support the stability of Budge Drive. The landslide is attempting to rotate the eastern end of the Hillside Complex creating some stress in the Sidewinders parking structure and the support beams holding up the second floor of that structure. This additional weight will support the upper deck of the parking structure to avoid a ‘pancake’ effect for life safety reasons but it will also serve to further protect the Town’s temporary path over what remains of Budge Drive to provide access for the drill rig and emergency vehicles. The path is being placed on top of the previously placed L panels that were repurposed, providing a surface for fill material to be compacted to create this essential travel path.

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The drill rig is expected to arrive this evening, begin drilling, and drill throughout the remainder of this week to create 4 new bore holes or wells for installation of additional inclinometers. The first of these will be placed at the toe of the slide near Highway 89. The second and third will occur behind the Walgreens parking lot and on the north side of Budge Drive. The last is expected to be drilled at the top of the slide area and will be approximately 200 feet deep. Information gained from these additional inclinometers and bore holes will allow for core samplings that will provide geo-technical information regarding the composition of the soil and rock formations, the depth of the slide, water levels and indicate the location of the slide scarp. More importantly, it will help identify long term solutions and what mitigation efforts will work best based on these conditions.

The Teton County Commissioner’s recognized the Town of Jackson’s disaster declaration and they are offering assistance.

The flow in the 12 inch water main has been reduced to half the original pressure for safety reasons until the workaround with the new hydrants and valves can be completed on Tuesday, April 22. Water will be shut off on Tuesday, April 22 to all businesses on the north side of West Broadway/Highway 89/Wyo 22 between and including Walgreens employee housing to the east and the Pony Express Motel and all businesses above the Pony Express Motel area to the west. Water will also be shut off on April 22 to Cutty’s, Old West Storage, and a portion of the Teton Gables Motel. Work will continue on Wednesday to complete the installation of these valves and hydrants but at this point, there are no anticipated water outages planned for Wednesday.

One lane of West Broadway/Highway 89 will be closed intermittently throughout this week to allow access and staging for the heavy equipment bringing in the barriers and fill material.

Residents in the evacuation advisory area are reminded that they enter at their own risk. Evacuees and employees in need of continued services can contact The Community Resource Center at 739-4500. Anyone in need of immediate mental health services should call the Community Counseling Center at 733-2046.

Press releases will be issued in the future to cover significant changes and actions being taken but may not be daily. Should there be significant slide activity or activities affecting the public, Nixle alerts will also be used. Subscribers can change settings for the types of Nixle messages they receive in account settings.