Adorable & Adoptable–Pets of the Week: Ice Cream Kittens & Spicy Kittens

Adorable & Adoptable–Pets of the Week: Ice Cream Kittens & Spicy Kittens

Each week, we highlight local animals who are currently available at local shelters and can’t wait to become your best friend. Sponsored by the amazing folks at Commerce Bank of Wyoming.

This week’s four-legged friends are at Red Desert Humane Society. Stop by and meet them today!

Ice Cream & Spicy Kittens

Hello! We’re a big group of kittens, all 8-10 weeks old. Some of us are known as the Ice Cream Kittens, and we’re all named after all the best ice cream flavors: Cake Batter, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Neapolitan, and Mint Chocolate Chip. The rest of us are known as the Spicy Kittens, and we’re named after your favorite hot sauces: Franks Red Hot, Tabasco, Cholula, Sriracha, Tapatio, and Sweet Baby Rays. To see who is who, you can view our photos on the Red Desert Humane Society Facebook page: Ice Cream Kittens and Spicy Kittens.

Whether you’re looking for a male or female kitten, or a chill or super social kitty, one of us, or maybe even a couple of us, will surely be exactly what you’re looking for. Some of us a really sweet and timid, while others are sassier and more adventurous. What we all have in common is we’re all full of personality and love! We can’t wait to start our life in our forever homes, and we’re all so excited to meet you!

Adorable & Adoptable Pets of the Week is made possible by our great sponsors at Commerce Bank of Wyoming.

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