Adorable & Adoptable–Pets of the Week: London Fog, Misty & Sheba

Adorable & Adoptable–Pets of the Week: London Fog, Misty & Sheba

Each week, we highlight local animals who are currently available at local shelters and can’t wait to become your best friend. Sponsored by the amazing folks at Green River Insurance.

This week’s four-legged friends are at the Red Desert Humane Society. Stop by and meet them today!

London Fog

Hi! I’m London Fog, a three-year-old male cat. I’m a big handsome love bug! I’m very friendly and cuddly, and I love to explore too. I’m really just a pretty sweetheart who can’t wait to meet my new family. I would probably do ok with one other cat. I can’t wait to meet you!


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Hey there! I’m Misty, a one-year-old female cat. I’m a little shy but I’m very sweet. Sometimes all I want is a cozy cuddle and lots of love. I prefer to have my space from other cats but I love curling up with my people. I’m sure to win your heart on our first meeting. Just look at how adorable I am!


Hello! I’m Sheba, a two-year-old female cat. I’m very sweet and chill. I have a calm personality and I love to be doted on. I love my people so much that I don’t want to share them with other animals. I’m not the biggest fan dogs or other cats. If you’re looking for a cuddly sweet buddy, look no further. I’m your girl!

Adorable & Adoptable Pets of the Week is made possible by our great sponsors at Green River Insurance.

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