Adorable & Adoptable–Pets of the Week: Wynona, Hades, Apollo, & Zeus

Adorable & Adoptable–Pets of the Week: Wynona, Hades, Apollo, & Zeus

Each week, we highlight local animals who are currently available at local shelters and can’t wait to become your best friend. Sponsored by the amazing folks at Mountainaire Animal Clinic.

This week’s four-legged friends are at Rock Springs Animal Control. Stop by and meet them today!


Hi there! I’m Wynona, a seven-year-old female cat. I’m the longest staying resident here at Rock Springs Animal Control and I am so excited to meet my new family and settle into my new home. I’m great with other cats as well as kiddos, and some dogs are ok. I just need to meet the pups before adoption. I’m pretty reserved and like to keep to myself, and some might even say I’m lazy. I prefer the term “laid back”. I’m spayed and current on my shots, so I’m all set to go. I can’t wait to meet you!

Hades & Company

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Hey! I’m Hades, a nine-month old male cat who hangs out here at Rock Springs Animal Control with my two bros, Apollo (to my right) and Zeus (not pictured), also nine-months old. All three of us are good with other cats and dogs! So, we get along with just about everybody! We love toys, especially the little balls with the bells in them. We could play for hours with those things. Upon adoption, we will be fixed and vaccinated. I think I can speak on behalf of all of us when saying we can’t wait to find our forever homes! Are you coming to meet us?

Feral Cats

Howdy! We are 12-16-week-old feral cats. We don’t have names, but that just means you get to name us! If you’re looking for some barn kitties, we’re just what you need. And if you’re willing to take a group of us, Rock Springs Animal Control is willing to make a deal with you. Although we are current on our shots, we are not fixed yet, but we will come with a certificate upon adoption. If you have a barn, we’d be happy to make ourselves at home in it!

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