Agencies Working Together to Solve Burglaries

Agencies Working Together to Solve Burglaries

SWEETWATER COUNTY — In response to the recent burglaries local law enforcement agencies in Southwest Wyoming are pooling resources and sharing information, as well as directing extra patrols to closed businesses. Until the burglars are apprehended there are several things businesses and citizens can do to help their local police:

• Insure all business doors and windows are locked prior to departing the business for the evening.

• Ensure intrusion detection alarms are properly set prior to the last person departing.

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• Check to see that security lighting is functioning and on during hours of darkness.

• Keep cash overnight to a minimum. When cash must be kept on the premises insure cash in in safes and that the safes are fully secured.

• When possible, insure video surveillance equipment is in good working order and recording.

Local law enforcement agencies are aggressively working to apprehend these burglars. We encourage those responsible for locking up businesses nightly, and our community, to be alert to suspicious vehicles or persons in the area at closing times and to notify your local law enforcement agency immediately of your suspicions.

If you have any information contact your local law enforcement agency.