Airport to Consider Name Change to Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport


SWEETWATER COUNTY — The Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport is considering a name change to help with marketing within the state and nationwide.

Airport Manager Devon Brubaker said at today’s Sweetwater County Commissioners meeting that changing the name to Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport would be more inclusive to counties around Sweetwater County that contribute significant numbers of passengers.

The conversation precipitated from a grant application approval, wherein Brubaker sought feedback on the change.

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Brubaker said that the current name sounds municipal and doesn’t speak to the facilities they currently offer, especially for general aviation flights.

General aviation, which means the smaller non-commercial and private planes, account for 90% of the airport’s operating revenue. Brubaker said that they are making strides toward growing that even more.

A full legal name change will require a lengthy process involving approvals from the airport board, the Sweetwater County Commissioners, the City of Rock Springs, and a lot of lawyers.

Another option would be to use the current name in all legal documents with the addition of “DBA- Doing Business As.” This would create an operating name different from the legal name, but would significantly simplify the process.

Brubaker said he’s willing to take the time that’s needed and go through all the proper channels to make it happen, but the sooner the better.

Brubaker appeared before the Sweetwater County Commissioners today to get approval for the FY2019 Air Services Enhancement Program Grant Application, which was unanimously approved. This is the grant that provides SkyWest with a minimum revenue guarantee backed by Sweetwater County.

The 2019 request for the county’s monetary commitment is significantly less than previous years, in part because SkyWest has begun to recognize the area as a viable market, according to Brubaker.