#ANSWERED: National Name Yourself Day!


When we saw that April 9, 2019 is National Name Yourself Day, we thought it would be fun to ask “What would you name yourself if you had the chance?”

Although many of you are perfectly happy with your given name, some of the results have been enlightening, interesting and well, pretty darn entertaining.

We figured we’d share. 🤗

SweetwaterNOW Team Answers

Dave Arambel: Nick…I don’t know why. I just thought of it while I was shaving the other day. 😄 Nick’s your buddy…Nick’s your friend!

Olivia Kennah: I never minded my name but everyone calls me Liv or Livi for short. I always thought it would be cool if people called me Via instead.

Lindsay Malicoate: I used to want to just start going by the name Val. I just thought it was edgy/cool. Never did it though. 😅

Kaylee Hughes: Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

Brayden Flack: If I could name myself, I’d definitely have to go with Johnny. The reason being is because everyone growing up used to say I looked like the cartoon character, Johnny Bravo. I’ve got the hair, the looks and the muscles, so it makes perfect sense! 👍

Gary Collins: Scott Howard. Most underrated basketball player of all-time…

Here’s what you guys had to say:

@try_lee37: Brock E. Lee

Stephanie Witcher: If I had another name it would be Princess. Why? My dog’s name is Princess. She get attention, like to be loved, following me around like I do with my daughter.

Larry Alexander: For Tuesday I will be “Old Hardbody”!

Sherry Kendrick: Sherry is the name my Mom gave me and I like it.  It’s also a tasty wine….lol 🍷

Apoplectic C Bowen: Slim Shady

John Mackrell: “You”. No last name, just You. I introduce myself, I say “Hi. I am You.” “No, I am me, you are you.” “Yes, that’s what I said, I am You.” etc.

Steven Croft: Inigo Montoya

Erin Lynn Hall: Tenna or lorali

Amber Gold Randall: Octavia!

Tanner Downs: I would name myself Joe Kickass.

Breezy Cukale: Awesome. “Hi. I’m Awesome.”

Jennifer Holmes: Anastasia Beaverhausen

Well Sweetwater County, that was fun. 

We salute your eclectic selection of names and your endless ability to make us laugh.

Have a good one! 👋