Appleseed Collective Performing Live August 6 in Pinedale

Appleseed Collective Performing Live August 6 in Pinedale

The Pinedale Fine Arts Council (PFAC) is proud to present Michigan-based, 4-piece The Appleseed Collective performing live Saturday, August 6 at American Legion Park in Pinedale. Pinedale alt-country, 5-piece Boom and the Bust will open the show, which concludes PFAC’s Soundcheck Summer Music Series.

Admission to the August 6th event is FREE with music starting at 5:30 pm.

The Appleseed Collective is poised to become the new sound of string music. Riding the wave of the bluegrass revival beyond newgrass and into a strange new genre-bending territory, they explore the full range of dark and light, old and new, composition and improvisation in a deeply theatrical stage show that transports audiences through time. The sounds of The Appleseed Collective are as diverse as the personalities that create them.

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Violinist/Mandolinist Brandon Worder-Smith grew up steeped in a rich rural Bluegrass and Irish fiddle culture. Driven to explore beyond the boundaries of tradition, he set off on foot to hitchhike around America searching for his musical kin. After a year and a half of wandering, he stumbled across Guitarist Andrew Brown back in Ann Arbor MI, where the band now hangs their collective hats when not on the road.


Downtown Andrew Brown, fast-talking vintage garb peddler and son of a Motown session musician had just returned from New Orleans with a piece of that Dixieland sound. He gifted long-time friend and funk/rock drummer Vince Russo with a washboard, whose penchant for ripping percussion solos and untamed showmanship were only further enhanced, and the first incarnation of the band was born.

Later the boys would join forces with bassist Eric O’Daly, whose passion for Indian Classical music and introspective yet fiery Irish nature would complete the Genre-Bending sound of The Appleseed Collective.

PFAC’s Soundcheck Summer Music Series is presented by the Pinedale Fine Arts Council with support from the Town of Pinedale, the Sublette County Recreation Board, the Pinedale Travel and Tourism Commission and the Wyoming Cultural Trust.


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