Ava Nettik Named URA Volunteer of the Month

Ava Nettik Named URA Volunteer of the Month

Ava Nettik has been named the Rock Springs Main Street/URA Volunteer of the Month for November.

ROCK SPRINGS — The Rock Springs Main Street/Urban Renewal Agency is pleased to announce the Volunteer of the Month for November: Ava Nettik.

 Ava, a sixth-grader in Rock Springs, is the daughter of Nathan and Lindsey Phillips –Nettik. Ava has always enjoyed being part of her community and is kind-hearted.

Last year, she accepted donations for the Humane Society in lieu of birthday gifts. She is in confirmation class and is required to complete service hours, which is her current “inspiration.” However, when she found out that she needed the hours, she was excited and began brainstorming ideas of how she could help out in the community. 

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Ava encourages others to volunteer because “it’s fun and you get to see people.”  She also stated that she would use social media to show people how they can help out. Recently, Ava made 120 buttons for the ongoing Mayor’s Challenge holiday campaign.

“I love walking Downtown,” Ava shared. “My favorite part is the Rock Springs Historical Museum.”

She enjoys the displays inside the museum, but also likes to see the different displays that can be seen from outside.  She also enjoys the Community Fine Arts Center, C Street Library and Cowboy Crepes.

Ava enjoys figure skating, dancing, singing, crafting and baking.  Ava loves to perform and would love to make it her career one day.  Ava is also interested in STEM careers after being given the opportunity to explore forensic science, technology and the medical field. Ava enjoys spending time with her older siblings, Raif and Molly. She plays with her dog, Lilo, everyday and ensures his needs are met daily.

The Rock Springs Main Street/Urban Renewal Agency is charged with the redevelopment of downtown Rock Springs. As part of their mission, there are three standing committees – Business Development, Promotions and Arts and Culture. For more information on the program, contact the Rock Springs Main Street/Urban Renewal Agency at 307-352-1434 or visit their website at downtownrs.com.