Barrasso talks wolves, ISIS and BLM permitting in monthly report


ROCK SPRINGS – With terrorist group ISIS growing and the wolf issue in Wyoming hitting a fever pitch Barrasso address these issues and more in his monthly report.

Barrasso said one of the most important responsibilities of every member of Congress is to consider, debate and vote on issues related to America’s national security. This issue is front and center as the Obama Administration continues to develop a long-term strategy to destroy the Islamic terrorist group ISIS.

The Senate also approved bipartisan legislation in September to give local BLM offices in Wyoming the resources they need to process oil and gas permits in a timely manner.

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Combatting Terrorist Group ISIS

This month, the United States along with a coalition of other nations, started air strikes in Syria and continued them in Iraq in an effort to combat the Islamic terrorist group ISIS. While I agree wemust take the necessary actions to fight and ultimately defeat this terrorist group, we should be having this debate in Congress. The Constitution is clear—Article I, Section 8 gives Congress the power to declare war. President Obama should call Congress back in session in October, so we can debate and vote on this extremely critical authorization. 

Most importantly, I thank our troops and their families as they continue to work to keep our country safe and free.


Bipartisan BLM Permitting Bill Passes Senate

Local Bureau of Land Management (BLM) offices, including those in Buffalo, Casper, Newcastle and Rawlins, play a vital role in making sure Wyoming remains a leading energy producing state. For years, these offices haven’t had the right resources and tools to decrease permitting backlogs.

In June, I introduced bipartisan legislation to extend a pilot program that has helped the BLM balance complex demands, including oil and gas permitting and environmental management, in the West. This bill gives local BLM offices in Wyoming the resources they need to ensure oil and gas permits are processed in a timely manner. The Senate overwhelmingly passed my bill on September 16th.  I’m looking forward to working with the House to solve this problem and to send it to President Obama to be signed into law.


Wyoming’s Wolf Management Plan

A recent decision by a federal judge in Washington reinstated protections for the gray wolf in Wyoming under the Endangered Species Act. The outrageous decision came after Wyoming’s state wolf management plan was challenged by environmental groups.

I believe Wyoming is in the best position to manage the wolf, not Washington. Wyoming has honored its commitment and put together a solid and working plan to protect the state’s wolf population. I made that clear to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe when I spoke to him this month about the ruling. I support Governor Mead’s efforts to address issues raised by the court, and look forward to working with the State to finally resolve this issue once and for all.


Wyoming Comes to Washington

Representatives of the American Cancer Society’s Wyoming chapter from Cheyenne and Gillette visited the office this month. We spoke about the importance of cancer research and improving the quality of life for those impacted by the disease.

There were several representatives from the Wyoming Automobile Dealers Association in town this month as well. During our meeting, we talked about business accounting practices and the importance of keeping auto loans accessible and affordable for all consumers.