Big Piney Man Sentenced in Marijuana Grow Operation

A Big Piney man has been sentenced to a year and a half in jail for a marijuana grow operation he hid under the LLC "Wyomatoes."

BIG PINEY — If you’ve ever heard of the company “Wyomatoes” but didn’t quite know what it was all about, there’s good reason.

That was the name used by Big Piney resident Stuart Doty to cover the marijuana grow operation he was arrested for last year.

Under the guise of Wyoming Tomatoes LLC, or “Wyomatoes,” Doty pleaded guilty to growing between 88 and 132 lbs of marijuana, then setting up bank accounts to conceal the proceeds under the pseudonym, according to reports from K2 Radio.

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Doty was sentenced to a year and half in jail during his hearing in Casper Friday afternoon for growing and distributing marijuana and money laundering.

He was also ordered to pay $500 in community restitution, and he must forfeit $63,117 that law enforcement agents seized on a search warrant.