Birch Family Dental Construction Continues Through Winter


Birch Family Dentistry is moving into a new home next year.

They will be located on Uinta Drive, in Green River, but construction comes first.

Once the construction is complete, Birch Family Dentistry will be located again at their original office site at 661 Uinta Dr.

Join us as we tour through building-in-progress in the months to come.

Move-In Date: March, 2018.



New Home, New Technology

Birch Family Dentistry has offered quality dental care to the Green River and Rock Springs community for decades.

To carry on their promise of quality family dentistry, constructing a building with every amenity and all of the technology to assist in your treatment is being considered.

Along with the new building, Birch Family Dentistry is expanding their technology within is as well.


November Construction

Construction of the new Birch Family Dentistry building is being done by Dare-Case Contracting Services.

The flooring, pony walls and crawl space are finished. Towards the end of November, construction workers were working on standing the walls of the building, as well as installing the support beams and framework.

“We’re finished with the initial framing,” Joe Smith of Dare-Case Constracting Services saild. “We’ll be starting plumbing and piping, and also roofing to get the building dried in. After that, we will be starting the electrical.”


December Construction

Smith said they are a couple weeks behind their initial schedule, but shouldn’t have any issues making that up after the crews get the building dried in (sealed up) for the winter.

“There’s pretty decent weather this week, so we’re hoping to get the building dried in, then everything should go pretty smooth from there,” he said.

Smith said construction continue through winter.

“There’s quite a bit of interior work that will need to be done. We’ll have crews working all through the winter. We’ll be installing dental equipment, the piping system and air system,” Smith said.

When spring comes, they will do the paving and finish up on sidewalks.

Construction is to be finished by March of 2018.

Joe Smith working on flooring in October.


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