Black Butte Graduates Reminded Their Choices Matter During Ceremony

Black Butte Graduates Reminded Their Choices Matter During Ceremony

Caitlynn Shipp speaks to graduates and their families at Black Butte High School's 2024 graduation ceremony Wednesday evening. SweetwaterNOW photo by David Martin

ROCK SPRINGS – It turns out Spider-Man has a lot of wisdom to share when it comes to living life.

During Black Butte High School’s graduation Wednesday evening, school principal Bryant Blake shared quotes from the web-head, as well as other notable individuals in his final address to the school’s graduating students.

“As our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man states, ‘We are who we chose to be,’” Blake told students. “Every choice you made has led you to this point.”

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Blake said some of those choices may have aided students in making it to graduation while others may have hindered their progression to that goal. Blake said there’s a lot of power in making a choice, saying a person’s choices define them and challenged the graduates to continue making wise decisions with courage. 

“Sometimes making the right choice for yourself is scary,” he said.

Blake said the graduates will continue to learn about themselves and who they want to be and reiterated his point about the graduates being brave enough to make decisions that will allow them to become the person they want to be.

“You always have two choices, your commitment versus your fear. Knowing that, don’t let fear get in your way and instead embrace the unknown,” Blake said, quoting singer Sammy Davis Jr.

Blake said he enjoyed being a part of being involved in the graduates’ biggest choices while they were students at Black Butte High School and witnessing their better choices, both big and small.

After Blake’s address, Caitlynn Shipp spoke to the group as the commencement address speaker. Shipp reflected on her time at the school, saying students came to the school four years ago unsure of what their time at Black Butte would bring. Students stumbled through their first day of school, but eventually overcame obstacles to succeed in class. 

“Some of us had to overcome our shyness to meet new friends. Others had to overcome firm mindsets to learn new things,” Shipp said. “We all come from different backgrounds, but we all have one thing in common: perseverance.”

Shipp said that perseverance led them to graduation and said while none of them will be good at everything, what matters is they get up and keep trying after a setback.

Shipp said graduates will split off and pursue different paths and will scatter around the world, and will continue to work hard to accomplish their goals.

Prior to the handing out of diplomas, the school gave two graduates special awards for their hard work. Shipp received the Most Outstanding Graduate Award and Zander Roberts received the Most Improved Graduate Award. 

More photos from the event can be seen below.