BLM Highlights “Normally Pressured Lance Natural Gas Project” for Energy Week


CHEYENNE – BLM Wyoming is a national leader in responsible energy development on federal lands and minerals and is excited to highlight the Normally Pressurized Lance Natural Gas Development Project as part of Energy Week.

The proposed project, which was submitted by Jonah Energy LLC, could unlock 5.25 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, providing a reliable, long-term energy source for the nation and creating more than 700 full-time jobs and stable employment opportunities for Wyoming.

The project could also create $2.2 billion in royalties, half of which would go to the State of Wyoming.

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The project encompasses approximately 141,000 acres of public, state, and private lands, with approximately 96 percent of the project located on public lands administered by the BLM.

Situated south and west of the existing Jonah Gas Field in Sublette County, the project proposes up to 3,500 directionally drilled wells over a 10-year period.

BLM Wyoming will release the Draft Environmental Impact Statement and open public comments on the project next week.

All alternatives in the NPL DEIS conform to the BLM-Wyoming’s Pinedale Field Office Resource Management Plan Record of Decision (2008), as amended, and the Green River Resource Management Plan Record of Decision (1997).

For additional information on the project, contact Brad Purdy at, 307-775-6328 or visit the Normally Pressured Lance (NPL) project page located at