BLM Kemmerer and Pinedale Field Offices Announce Big Game Winter Range Closures

BLM Kemmerer and Pinedale Field Offices Announce Big Game Winter Range Closures

KEMMERER — The BLM Kemmerer and Pinedale Field Offices will close BLM-administered public big game winter ranges to all motorized vehicle travel from January 1 through April 30, 2023. This annual closure is necessary to protect elk, moose, pronghorn and mule deer from disruptive human activities during the difficult winter months which can increase the mortality rate for these animals.  

In the Kemmerer Field Office area, the following areas will be closed:  

  •  The Slate Creek area south of Fontenelle Creek, west and north of Highway 189 and east of the crest of Slate Creek Ridge. 
  •  The Rock Creek area south of County Road 204/Pine Creek Road, west of the crest of Dempsey Ridge, west of Fossil Butte National Monument and north and east of Highway 30.  
  •  The Bridger Creek area south of Highway 30, west of Fossil Ridge, west of the Bear River Divide, north of the Uinta-Lincoln County line, east of the Utah-Wyoming border and southeast of Highway 89. 

In the Pinedale Field Office area, the following areas will be closed: 

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  •  The Ryegrass, Bench Corral, Deer Hills, Calpet and Miller Mountain winter ranges including lands north of Fontenelle Creek, east of the U.S. Forest Service Boundary, west of U.S. Highway 189 and south of Horse Creek.  
  •  The Mesa winter range including lands east of County Road 110/East Green River Road, north of County Road 136/Paradise Valley Road, west of the New Fork River and south of U.S. Highway 191. 

Motorized vehicles such as snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, pickups, e-bikes and sport utility vehicles are prohibited during this time. Use of these areas by non-motorized means such as walking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, and mountain biking is allowed. Highways and county roads are not subject to this closure. Motorized vehicle use on public land the remainder of the year is always limited to existing roads and two-track trails. 

Local and federal agencies, including the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, the Department of Agriculture Animal Plant Health Inspection Service, county sheriff offices and the BLM, are excepted when performing official duties.  

Additionally, operators of existing oil and gas facilities performing maintenance and pumping, as approved in their permits; livestock operators conducting permitted activities; utility companies conducting emergency maintenance after notifying the BLM; and other users who have been granted an exception by submitting a written application to the BLM for review and approval are excepted from this closure. 

Signs will be posted at key locations entering the closed areas. For more information about the Pinedale Field Office area, contact Mark Thonhoff, (307) 367-5357; and for Kemmerer Field Office area, contact Hunter Harridge, (307) 828-4508. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.