BLM Opens Scoping Period for Pipeline Corridor Initiative


CHEYENNE — The Office of Governor Mark Gordon issued a statement on November 15 announcing that the Bureau of Land Management has opened a public scoping period for the Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative (WPCI), a proposal that would designate approximately 1,150 miles of BLM-managed lands in Wyoming.

“The WPCI proposal designates a statewide pipeline corridor network for future development of pipelines associated with carbon capture, utilization and storage, as well as pipelines and facilities associated with enhanced oil recovery. The network would incentivize construction and investment within those corridors,” according to the statement. 

“Utilizing funding allocated by the Wyoming legislature, and through coordination with the University of Wyoming’s Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (EORI), industry representatives, and the Wyoming Pipeline Authority (WPA) , we have identified approximately 1914 miles of primarily existing pipeline corridors throughout the central and western portion of the state that are essential to future production and distribution of natural resources vital to the state’s economy,” A project proposal for the initiative says.

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“WPCI is based on the need for future corridors on federal lands to accommodate construction of multiple, co-located pipelines of varying diameter and capacity,” the proposal reads.