BLM Posts National Historic Trails Monitoring Report


LANDER – The Bureau of Land Management Lander Field Office has posted the National Historic Trails annual monitoring report online. The BLM’s multiple use and sustained yield mission directs the management and protection of the trails while also providing for traditional and recreational uses.

The BLM conducts annual monitoring of the National Historic Trails to ensure uses in the area do not impact the historic resource and setting. The BLM’s monitoring efforts are guided by the June 2016 Renewal of a Special Recreation Permit Decision Record for the trails. If conditions exceed the monitoring thresholds set forth in the decision, a change in management is necessary. The monitoring focus is in the Rocky Ridge section of the trails.

“We have found that the current resource conditions sit below the thresholds set in the decision record so the BLM is not proposing a change in the visitor service management for the 2018 use season,” said BLM Outdoor Recreation Planner Jared Oakleaf.

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The BLM and volunteers worked together to monitor for physical impacts, recreation opportunities and special recreation permit compliance. Community partnerships like this one are an essential component of the BLM’s mission to practice shared conservation stewardship on public land.

“Having volunteers help with the monitoring effort improves our efficiency,” said BLM Outdoor Recreation Technician Mike Coyne. “Being able to see the public enjoy our National Historic Trails is special.”

The BLM thanks the volunteers and Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for assistance with the effort.

The monitoring report, as well as the decision record and all documentation associated with the renewal of the handcart trekking special recreation permit, are available online.

The BLM will continue the annual trail monitoring and provides ride-along opportunities to interested people during this effort. For more information, please contact Coyne at 307-332-8400.