BLM Winterizes Fontenelle Creek Campground Water System

BLM Winterizes Fontenelle Creek Campground Water System

Fontenelle Creek Campground.

KEMMERER — The Bureau of Land Management Kemmerer Field Office (KFO) advises that the water system at the Fontenelle Creek Campground was winterized at the beginning of October, and will be out of service for the cold weather season.

During this time, the Fontenelle Creek Campground remains open free of charge. Campers using the site should bring plenty of drinking and washing water. Potable water will be unavailable until next spring. 

The Fontenelle Creek Campground is located approximately 35 miles north of Kemmerer, Wyoming. It is next to the Fontenelle Reservoir and a popular weekend destination. For updates on the water availability, please contact Angela Beley, Kemmerer Field Office at (307) 828-4508.

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