Blues Musician to Perform at White Mountain Library Tuesday

Blues Musician to Perform at White Mountain Library Tuesday

ROCK SPRINGS — Blues guitarist and music historian Joey Leone will be performing his program “The History of Blues in America” at 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 13 at White Mountain Library, 2935 Sweetwater Drive in Rock Springs. The performance is free and open to the public.

Leone’s one-hour program covers the history, influence and social impact of American blues music through songs, stories and historical facts. His show will highlight the influence of blues on virtually all styles of contemporary music over the past seven decades. He will play a variety of songs on multiple guitars from his personal collection.

In addition to the live music segments, he will touch on recurring themes of how the blues transcended racial boundaries, brought people together in times of celebration and times of healing, and how blues followed the migration from rural south to urban north. Leone also ties in his upbringing in Brooklyn, NY, and how important the public library system was for his discovery, passion and education about music and music history.

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Leone is a lifelong career musician who has toured and recorded as a guitar player for many high-profile artists including Etta James, The Coasters, Sam & Dave, Wilson Pickett, Chaka Khan, and many more. Leone believes in the unifying and healing power of music, which comes through during his program.