BMX Track Will Replace Current Green River Bike Park

BMX Track Will Replace Current Green River Bike Park

Council members Mike Shutran, Robert Berg, Jim Zimmerman, Mayor Pete Rust, SWBMX representatives Alysia Wegner, Siobhan Ledford, Heather Salinas, and Councilmembers George Jost and Sherry Bushman during Tuesday night's Green River City Council meeting. Photo courtesy of the City of Green River

GREEN RIVER — Southwest Wyoming BMX (SWBMX) will soon be operating an outdoor BMX track at the current bike park in Green River.

SWBMX received unanimous Green River City Council approval to lease the land that the current bike park is located at, which is at Stratton Myers Park.

Green River Parks and Recreation Director Brad Raney said the existing bike park was built more than 10 years ago and has run its course. With reductions in staff in the Green River Parks and Recreation Department, the bike park is only able to receive minimal maintenance.

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“If we were to try to keep operating that bike park, it needs to be rebuilt,” Raney said.

In addition to the outdoor competition BMX track, there will be also be a dirt pump track open to the public outside of the leased area. The dirt pump track will be similar to the bike park that is currently there now.

This map shows where the BMX track will be located and highlighted in blue is where the community pump track will be. Photo courtesy of the City of Green River.

The BMX track will replace the outdoor track that was previously eliminated when the Sweetwater Events Complex expanded its parking area. The BMX track will be the only outdoor track in the county.

“I view it as a great opportunity to the city and kind of a win-win,” Raney said. “There’s opportunity to stimulate local business. Some of the events they plan to hold in the summer time will draw people from out of town.” 

On behalf of the residents in the area, Councilwoman Sherry Bushman asked how late into the night events will go during the summer. A representative with SWBMX said they usually wrap up competitions around 9 p.m., ensuring that the events will not go too late into the night.