#BREAKING: Alleged Serial Killer Arrested in Iowa Today; Suspect Linked to County Cold Case

#BREAKING: Alleged Serial Killer Arrested in Iowa Today; Suspect Linked to County Cold Case

Clark Perry Baldwin, 59, of Waterloo, IA was arrested at his home today in connection to several first-degree murder cold cases, including Pamela Rose Aldridge McCall (pictured) and one in Sweetwater County. (Photo credit: Tennessee River Valley News)

ROCK SPRINGS — A cold murder case in Sweetwater County from 1992 may have reached its conclusion today following the arrest of an alleged serial killer in Waterloo, Iowa.

Sweetwater County Attorney Dan Erramouspe confirmed today that Clark Perry Baldwin, a long haul truck driver, was arrested at his home late this morning.

Baldwin has been charged in Wyoming with first-degree murder of a woman known in reports as “Bitter Creek Betty” here in Sweetwater County, and “I-90 Jane Doe” in Sheridan County. Additionally, Baldwin is being charged in Tennessee with two counts of first-degree murder in the 1991 death of Pamela McCall and her unborn fetus.

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According to a release from the Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation, this case began in March 1992 when a female was found dead near the Bitter Creek turnout here in Sweetwater County. The investigation began by the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s office grew cold over time, and during the course of the investigation the victim was not identified becoming known to investigators as “Bitter Creek Betty”.

“In April of 1992 another deceased female body was discovered in Sheridan County by State of Wyoming DOT employees,” according to the DCI statement. “The investigation was initiated and investigated by the Sheridan County Sheriff’s office but again the case grew “cold”. During the course of the investigation the victim was not identified and became known to the investigators as “I-90 Jane Doe”.

Despite exhausting all efforts, local law enforcement and DCI were never able to positively identify the two Wyoming victims. But due to advanced technology, they were able to link Baldwin to the crimes and arrest him on first-degree murder charges.

Baldwin was arrested today in connection to the 1991 first-degree murder of Pamela Rose Aldridge McCall in Tennessee. McCall was about 6 months pregnant at the time of her death, and her child did not survive, according to a report in the Tennessee River Valley News.

The involved agencies constantly looked for ways to use current technologies and new approaches as well as being able to combine best science with the most viable evidence. Erramouspe said agencies can now gather information using advanced DNA technology and even genealogy sites to help narrow investigations.

With the assistance of the Wyoming State Crime Laboratory and the FBI, these methods provided answers to investigators that helped further the search for Baldwin to a successful resolution.

DCI said the investigation remains ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to call the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation at 307-777-7181