BREAKING: Car Crashes into Parked Vehicle on Blair Avenue Early Monday Morning

Photo by Katie Glennemeier

UPDATE– John Arnold Arnoldi, 30, of Rock Springs, was arrested for alleged Hit and Run Unattended Property, 3 counts and Driving on Roadway- Maintain Single Lane.

He was arrested the Tuesday morning by the Rock Springs Police Department.

Arnoldi was released Tuesday on a $1,740 bond on a pretrial release.

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ROCK SPRINGS–Some residents in Rock Springs were awakened with a crash early this morning on Blair Avenue, in what appeared to be a hit and run.

A white Ford crashed into a parked Suburban at about 2:30 am Monday morning. According to a report from a resident of the neighborhood, the Ford pushed the Suburban a full car length ahead into another parked vehicle.

The driver of the Ford then pulled up onto the sidewalk in an attempt to get his vehicle unstuck. When the driver was unable to do so, it appeared as though the driver left the truck on foot.

According to the resident’s account, the Rock Springs Police Department reported to the scene and began to search for the driver.

Updates as we get them.