BREAKING: Guilty Verdict In Nate Strong Poaching Case

BREAKING: Guilty Verdict In Nate Strong Poaching Case

PINEDALE — Nate Strong of Sublette County has entered a plea agreement for taking an antlered deer without a license. The charge comes from  the poaching of a 230″ Wyoming mule deer, Strong took the animal in 2015.

We broke the story in February of 2016 after Strong displayed the animal at Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City.

After seeing the display the hunting community began reporting that a familiar face was on display at the 2016 Hunting Expo in Salt Lake City. Sportsmen reported their concerns about the animal, including whether it was taken in the proper season. Due to the nature of the buck being a trophy game animal, many outdoorsmen had photos and were keeping an eye on the buck.

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Strong pleaded not guilty to the charges initially, he entered into a plea agreement this morning and was sentenced to 365 days in jail, with all but ten days suspended, he must serve five of those days, and if he completes 50 hours of community service before January the other five will be suspended.

He will be placed on one year of supervised probation.

He must pay a total of $9,040 in fees, fines and restitution. The mule deer mount will be forfeited to the State of Wyoming and he will lose his hunting and fishing privileges for seven years.

The breakdown of the fines, fees, and restitution are, $10,000 dollar fine, with $5,000 suspended in lieu of probation, $4,000 in restitution to the State of Wyoming for the mule deer and $40 in court costs.

Photo Credit: David Brown