Broadway Theater Announces Internship/Scholarship Program In Conjunction With Sweetwater BOCES

Broadway Theater Announces Internship/Scholarship Program In Conjunction With Sweetwater BOCES

ROCK SPRINGS — The Broadway Theater is introducing an internship/scholarship program for students interested in the performing arts, theater operations, marketing and similar programs. The scholarship is open to upcoming high school seniors or students enrolled at Western Wyoming Community College with a September 1, 2017 start date for the fall semester.

The successful candidate will work at the Broadway Theater in all aspects of operations – marketing, maintenance, schedule coordination, event planning & set-up, lighting and sound, grant research & writing, and performer contracts. The successful candidate will also meet specific goals as outlined in the application process; he/she will be evaluated and coached extensively throughout the term.

The program is being funded by the Sweetwater Board of Cooperative Education (SBOCES). According to Dr. Bernadine Craft, SBOCES Executive Director, they are excited about funding this upcoming program for students in Sweetwater County, as opposed to merely providing performance support.

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“This enhanced program will give students hands-on experience with all aspects of the theater and performing arts, as well as grant writing and business management skills, reinforcing their classroom studies,” Dr. Craft added. It is hoped that the program will prove to be of greater practical benefit to students than sporadic master class opportunities.

One of the goals of SBOCES is to support cooperative efforts to improve career/technical education in Sweetwater County. The successful candidate will apply classroom experience and interest to a real world setting, acting as a theater coordinator to assist with all areas of theater operations. Ultimately the successful candidate will leave the program with enhanced career and technical skills and a better understanding of potential jobs in the field.
Students interested in applying for the scholarship/internship can download an application from the Broadway Theater’s website at or by calling 307-352-1434.